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Grow A Bunch Hair Oil

Grow A Bunch Hair Oil

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Our Grow A Bunch Hair Oil is our Holy Grail Oil. This oil is made in small batches to ensure its potent and powerful. It is the perfect item to add to your hair care routine. 100% natural, naturally scented. This product is extremely light and will leave your scalp itch-free. This nourishing blend contains avocado oil, which is amazing for moisture and sealing hydration into your hair, to combat dryness. Our Clients can show real results!


How To Use:

Using short, quick presses to release drops throughout the scalp, start applying the oil. don’t forget your hair line

Pour oil into palm and rub along the shaft of your Locs.

Massage in to help distribute and absorb into the scalp/ hair then leave it on.



Hemp Oil, Fenugreek, Avocodo Oil,